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Why Whitney Petites

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Why Whitney Petites

Whitney Newton, Petite Studio's lead designer, tell us more about her design inspiration, her reasons for loving Petite Studio, and gives us an inside look on the special attention to detail Petite puts in all their garments. 

How long have you been designing and what drew you to Petite Studio?

I’ve been designing on a rudimentary level since I could pick up a jumbo crayon and draw! I began to seriously pursue fashion design junior year of high school where I designed and created my first capsule collection for a fashion show. I was drawn to Petite Studio’s modern, fresh twist on vintage garments, its effortless silhouettes, and focus on a niche demographic (petites) that requires a real attention to detail and fit in the designs.

What’s inspiring you right now?

Currently, I am inspired by vulnerability. I consider the act of letting one’s guard down true courage. Being able to share raw thoughts and emotions strengthens relationships and introduces a new world of dialogue. Additionally, I can spend ages in vintage stores poring over hand-sewn finishings, unique garment construction/ draping, thoughtful textiles, and quirky trims.

What’s one thing about Petite Studio collections that you think might surprise people?

I think the special details in the garments can really only be appreciated in person, from the texture of our matte buttons to the feel of our carefully selected premium fabrics. Also the trends we highlight in our collections are incorporated in bold, elegant ways, like the bright colors and polka dots were featuring. Our pieces are also really versatile and flattering for a lot of different body types.

What's one outfit you can easily take from the office to happy hour?

I'm loving our Acacia Top and Fuschia Pants from our summer collection. The pants are so soft and super comfortable to work in during the day but still on trend and noticeable after hours. The Acacia Top is a staple for me because its so versatile it can go with almost anything, and yet still has the special touch with the raised red buttons that makes it unique.

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