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Adelphi Denim Jacket - Petite Studio

Refinery 29 

Feb 02, 2017 

Non-Fast-Fashion Brands That Are Just As Good As Zara 

You've done the research, talked to some friends about it, and decided it's time to quit fast fashion once and for all. Like any obsession (yes, those too-cheap prices and fast-moving trends can be addicting), it's not going to be easy to stop cold turkey. But, it will be worth it. Designed specifically by and for petite girls, Petite Studio gives smaller frames perfectly fitting and on-trend wardrobe staples that are sure to get you compliments left and right....

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Refinery 29 

Aug 26, 2016 

A New (Affordable!) Brand For Petite Babes

When you're petite and into fashion, it can feel like you're in a world that wasn't made for you. Getting your pants tailored is basically a requirement, and there's a fine line between going for the "oversized" look and just looking like you're drowning in the season's latest trends. Sometimes, you end up paying extra for less clothing, or shelling out the same amount you paid for your pants just to get them restructured for your body...

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Marie Claire Come vestirti se sei bassa? 5 brand di moda per donne minute | Petite Studio-Petite Clothing

Marie Claire

Aug 29, 2016

Come vestirti se sei bassa? 5 brand di moda per donne minute

 2. Petite Studio. Vera chicca tra i nuovi brand indipendenti, Petite Studio è un marchio per taglie mignon e dai prezzi affordabili nato a New York nel 2015. "Crediamo che le donne minute possano fare davvero la differenza", si legge sul sito ufficiale. Seguitelo anche su Instagram: siamo sicuri che ne risentirete parlare...

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6 Petite Clothing Brands You Have to Check Out Now  | Petite Studio


Sep 24, 2016

6 Petite Clothing Brands You Have to Check Out Now

Founded in 2015 by fellow petite-girl Jenny Wang, NYC-based Petite Studio is a go-to for women under 5'2. She only stocks a few item at a time, but they're all cut perfectly for smaller girls...

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Popbee - Petite Studio | New York New Petite Clothing Brand


Aug 29, 2016

如果你在尋找嬌小個子專屬的歐美單品,這個新晉紐約品牌,絕對是 160 cm 以下女生的不二之選!

嬌小女生有許多時尚苦惱,例如穿太大件的衣服會顯得累贅、穿平底鞋又會顯得腳短、盲目地將所有時尚單品穿上身更會令身型比例變得不夠修長⋯⋯ 總之就覺得越時尚的單品,尺碼和剪裁都不會很修身,只有 1 米 8 的女生才能穿得下,所以有時真的很難從歐美牌子中揀到合適的心頭好。不過自從發現了 Petite Studio 後,以上所有的苦惱都可以解決...

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