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Refinery 29 / Petite Studio - Bailey Yellow Dress

Refinery 29 

May 17, 2017 

21 Essentials For The Best Summer, Ever

We enjoyed those few beautiful days of real spring. Now, it's just a humid, sometimes warm, sometimes cold road to the big shebang: summer 2017. And we've already got the next few months mapped out. After-work drinks are only permitted on rooftops bedecked in twinkling lights. Barbecues are slated for every other weekend, backyards alternating between friends. Summer Fridays are for sunset scouting along the coast... 
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Petite Studio - Dora Top

Refinery 29 

May 15, 2017 

The Best Tanks To Buy With Not-A-Lot Of Mone

Some may say a $50 or $100 dollar bill can't even get you very far these days. But, we've got proof to the contrary: You could land yourself a trusty summer essential — the kind you wear over and over and only remove for laundering (we'd hope). So, we hunted down the best summertime, beach-ready tank tops you could possibly buy — without compromising your savings account... 
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Petite Studio Clementine Buckle Top

Refinery 29 

May 12, 2017 

How To Create An It-Girl Wardrobe This Season — With Only Indie Brands

“Jenny Wang makes clothes specifically for petite girls, but non-petite ladies will love the line, too! I’m partial to this buckle-strap top in the perfect shade of tangerine-orange, which — calling it now — will be the new pink this season.”... 
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Petite Studio Clementine Buckle Top


Apr 16, 2017 

’70s Fashion Is Making a Comeback in an Unexpected Way

Millennial pink may have taken the Insta-world (and, uh, the IRL world too, if you count brands like Glossier, Saturday Skin, Acne Studios, and NYC’s Cafe Henrie and Pietro Nolita) by storm all throughout 2016, but 2017 is singing a new, more vintage-inspired tune. In place of the Pepto hue this spring is a trio of colors, all with a very, very specific origin: the ’70s....

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Petite Studio Clementine Buckle Top

Refinery 29 

April 21, 2017 

3 Ways To Pull Off Crop Tops As A Grown-Up

Crop tops are probably one of those things you feel like you have to retire when you reach a certain age (the rest of the list likely includes denim diaper horts, "naked" dresses, and jeggings, among others). But you know what? We're calling bullshit on that..... 
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Refinery 29 / Petite Studio - Bailey Yellow Dress

Refinery 29 

April 18, 2017 

Everything In This Spring Collection Is Under $150

You know when you get an email that says a bunch of new pieces have dropped on the site you love, only to click through and see that you can't afford any of them? Talk about a bummer. And especially now, when you've got that spring shopping itch, you need retail destinations that can pull through without breaking the bank — and we're not just talking about Zara.... 
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ELLE Mexico -Petite Studio NYC

ELLE Mexico

April 17, 2017 


¡No estás soñando! Encontramos la marca perfecta para cualquier mujer petite. Ya no tendrás que sufrir con el largo y el fit de tus jeans y vestidos. Además, todos los modelos se caracterizan por su buena calidad y su gran propuesta de diseño. ¿De qué estamos hablando? De Petite Studio (los puedes encontrar como @petitestudionyc en Instagram). Su página web ofrece una variedad de productos a los que nadie se puede resistir.... 
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Who What Wear - Summer Dresses -Petite Studio

Who What Wear

April 14, 2017 

These Affordable Summer Dresses Will Go With Every Shoe Trend

Truth be told, I'm not the biggest fan of shopping for dresses. My number one shopping goal is versatility, and I find acquiring dresses that are actually versatile to be a tall order. They often fall into a category, i.e., going-out dresses, cocktail dresses, or even garden party dresses. To me, ultimate versatility when it comes to a dress means that it can be worn with any current shoe trend, as there's nothing that can make a look appropriate for a number of different occasions than a footwear change.... 
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Popbee - Petite Studio NYC -Broome Brick Red Dress


April 10, 2017

身高 157 cm 的女生注意,這個品牌的春裝可以為你在視覺上增高 10 cm!

身形驕小的女生,買衣服時可是會面對很大的煩惱,大概只有稱身的衣服才可以顯得身型的比例更完美,但偏偏街上大部份的衣服也好像是為了高瘦的女生而設。對如 petite 女生,Petite Studio 的出現,簡直就是 16x cm 女生的福音!最新一季的春裝推出了牛仔牌、連身裙、闊褲和百摺裙,細節充滿了潮流元素,同時 size 又剛剛好適合身形驕小的女生,不但不會有衣不稱身的感覺,更加可以穿出身形比例。如果你也想入手,記得去網店看一看!

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whowhatwear/best petite brand-petite studio nyc

Who What Wear

April 08, 2017 

If You're Under 5'2", You're Going to Love This Cool New Brand

Great news—we finally found the petite, cool-girl brand you have been searching for. It's called Petite Studio, and it is solely focused on helping petite girls like yourself build a wardrobe that complements your smaller size without having to sacrifice anything in the style department. No, this is not too good to be true, and we shopped out our favorite pieces from the brand to prove it... 
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Stylecaster/Winter Spring Jackets/Petite Studio


Apr 04, 2017 

21 Lightweight Transitional Coats to Welcome Spring

Ah, transitional weather. I’m pretty sure the real term should be what-the-eff-do-I-wear weather: Throughout most of the spring months, temps can vary 20-plus degrees between morning and afternoon, and sunny skies can disappear to make room for a rain storm in three minutes flat—which makes getting dressed for the day especially fun frustrating. And while the obvious answer is to wear layers (and bring an umbrella), it’s not always easy to figure out which style of outerwear will look equally stylish with a chunky knit sweater in early April and also a strapless sundress in late May...

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Refinery 29 

Mar 19, 2017 

These Non-Boring Black Trousers Are Selling Like Crazy

You never want something until you can't have it. So, each week in The Sell-Out, we're getting the scoop from your favorite retailers on what's selling like crazy. Watch this space to find out what everyone's buying, sign up for wait lists, and keep tabs on restocks...

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Fashionista - Petite StudioNYC -Pink corduroy coat


Mar 15, 2017 


While a growing movement to meet the demands of the plus-size market in America is proof that retailers are taking note of the diversity in women's bodies, one sector that has been lagging in terms of design is petites, broadly defined as a womenswear category for ladies 5'4" and under. However, we're happy to report that in recent seasons, we've noticed a rising number of brands — both new and established — offering options tailored specifically for shorter women. Check out the list below for eight brands doing petites right...

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Clichemag/fashion/Petite Studio/Essex Ribbed Midi Skirt


Mar 09, 2017 

Petite Studio Is Anything But Small

In the world of fashion, it’s safe to say that most pieces seem to be catered to the tall women who saunter down the catwalks every season. Yes, we’ll spot a petite gal every once in awhile doing her own thing, but the majority of fashion labels are not focused on women who are 5’4” or below. As a “shorty” myself, I completely understand the struggle of finding jeans that don’t cover my feet, skirts that won’t look like full-length gowns, and tops that aren’t meant to be oversized, but just happen to be so once on...

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Refinery 29 Best Petite Clothing Stores - Petite Studio

Refinery 29 

Mar 03, 2017 

The Ultimate Shopping Guide for Petite Girls

We love Petite Studio so much, we've even given it its own brand spotlight. The label is a dream for every fashion-minded female on the smaller side. For pieces like minimalist jackets and mini skirts with an inseam specifically tailored for shorter legs, petite gals will want to bookmark this site...

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Petite Studio Buvette Crop Flare Pearl Pants


Feb 08, 2017 

What to Wear to Fashion Week Fall 2017: The Trends to Try Now

Last season, it was the neck scarf, which trickled down like clockwork from major designers like Gucci and Saint Laurent to the masses, as evidenced by Instagram. The season before that, it was the Acne jacket—you know, that double-lined shearling coat that everyone and their mother somehow spent north of $1K on—that was everywhere during Fashion Week...

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Adelphi Denim Jacket - Petite Studio

Refinery 29 

Feb 02, 2017 

Non-Fast-Fashion Brands That Are Just As Good As Zara 

You've done the research, talked to some friends about it, and decided it's time to quit fast fashion once and for all. Like any obsession (yes, those too-cheap prices and fast-moving trends can be addicting), it's not going to be easy to stop cold turkey. But, it will be worth it. Designed specifically by and for petite girls, Petite Studio gives smaller frames perfectly fitting and on-trend wardrobe staples that are sure to get you compliments left and right....

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Refinery 29 

Aug 26, 2016 

A New (Affordable!) Brand For Petite Babes

When you're petite and into fashion, it can feel like you're in a world that wasn't made for you. Getting your pants tailored is basically a requirement, and there's a fine line between going for the "oversized" look and just looking like you're drowning in the season's latest trends. Sometimes, you end up paying extra for less clothing, or shelling out the same amount you paid for your pants just to get them restructured for your body...

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Marie Claire Come vestirti se sei bassa? 5 brand di moda per donne minute | Petite Studio-Petite Clothing

Marie Claire

Aug 29, 2016

Come vestirti se sei bassa? 5 brand di moda per donne minute

 2. Petite Studio. Vera chicca tra i nuovi brand indipendenti, Petite Studio è un marchio per taglie mignon e dai prezzi affordabili nato a New York nel 2015. "Crediamo che le donne minute possano fare davvero la differenza", si legge sul sito ufficiale. Seguitelo anche su Instagram: siamo sicuri che ne risentirete parlare...

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6 Petite Clothing Brands You Have to Check Out Now  | Petite Studio


Sep 24, 2016

6 Petite Clothing Brands You Have to Check Out Now

Founded in 2015 by fellow petite-girl Jenny Wang, NYC-based Petite Studio is a go-to for women under 5'2. She only stocks a few item at a time, but they're all cut perfectly for smaller girls...

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Popbee - Petite Studio | New York New Petite Clothing Brand


Aug 29, 2016

如果你在尋找嬌小個子專屬的歐美單品,這個新晉紐約品牌,絕對是 160 cm 以下女生的不二之選!

嬌小女生有許多時尚苦惱,例如穿太大件的衣服會顯得累贅、穿平底鞋又會顯得腳短、盲目地將所有時尚單品穿上身更會令身型比例變得不夠修長⋯⋯ 總之就覺得越時尚的單品,尺碼和剪裁都不會很修身,只有 1 米 8 的女生才能穿得下,所以有時真的很難從歐美牌子中揀到合適的心頭好。不過自從發現了 Petite Studio 後,以上所有的苦惱都可以解決...

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