So small tidbit of information for you- I was supposed to be a much more stretched out, elongated, elegant version of what I have turned into in my adulthood.  I’m talking Candice Swanepoel, legs for days, trying to find a 6’5″ minimum man to accommodate my loftiness.

Okay, now I’m just being dramatic.

I was supposed to be taller than I am. That’s all.


I know there is no certain way to predict how tall a person will grow, but based on the fact that I was in the 98th percentile of height from birth to age 5 and on my dad’s side of the family, 6’1″ is rather short, doctors predicted I would end up somewhere right around 5’8″ once I started hitting growth spurts in middle school.  It would be great for my volleyball career, they said. UNTIL, I came to a tire screeching halt at 5’3″ (5’4″ on a a good day and 5’6″ on a volleyball roster) and have been sitting pretty right there ever since.  Ah, so close.  


The good news is that my height never necessarily hindered anything, on or off the court, and I have grown to actually quite love my petite frame now.  I must say though, finding clothes that fit properly for my compact self isn’t always easy.  That is why I was very excited when I heard about Petite Studio.  They make clothes specifically to fit petite frames and they have a super clean, minimalist, yet powerful aesthetic to their pieces.  Think small package, big impact.


This blazer that I got from Petite Studio is one of my favorite things in my closet right now.  It is one of those pieces that literally transforms your mood when you put it on.  It has a cool-girl meets boss lady vibe and I’m 100% into it.  I tried it with a pair of high-waisted jeans with a detailed bralette to add a little more feminism to it.  It’s a totally versatile piece so I’m looking forward to wearing it a ton of different ways.


And what’s more– it fits perfectly.  What more could you ask for?


Candidly Chan


Petite Studio - Candidly Chan - GRAMERCY STRIPED BLAZERPetite Studio - Candidly Chan - GRAMERCY STRIPED BLAZER2Petite Studio - Candidly Chan - GRAMERCY STRIPED BLAZER4Petite Studio - Candidly Chan - GRAMERCY STRIPED BLAZER5Petite Studio - Candidly Chan - GRAMERCY STRIPED BLAZER6Petite Studio - Candidly Chan - GRAMERCY STRIPED BLAZER7Petite Studio - Candidly Chan - GRAMERCY STRIPED BLAZER8


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