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Petite Studio X Tictail

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Our second major event happened on Saturday and it was a big one. We teamed up with Tictail, a store that helps people discover emerging artists and designers for our second ever pop-up party! We had so much fun the first time around that we decided to go for it again. Especially, with the collaboration of Tictail. Oh, and did we mention we launched our Summer 17 collection?

Bloggers We're Loving

Bloggers We're Loving-Petite Studio
When it comes to the general rules for styling a petite frame, certain staple pieces come to mind: high waisted pants, mini dresses and form fitting silhouettes. It’s all about “Make Your Legs Look Longer” or “Look Taller With These Tips”. Outfits can become quite redundant and frankly, we’d rather embrace our shorter frame rather than always trying to effortlessly appear taller. Let’s be honest, most of us girls are done growing around 14 and we aren’t going to magically grow a few inches.

So, let's be real with ourselves and instead celebrate our cute stature. Let these favorite Petite Studio fashion bloggers give you all the reason and inspo to break those style rules and to just wear whatever the heck ya want!

It-Girl Olivia Perez on Style and East Village's Best Spots

It-Girl Olivia Perez on Style and East Village's Best Spots

NYC’s it-girl Olivia Perez is taking the streets and lifestyle industry by storm with her website Friend of a Friend, which covers all things fashion, food, travel and everything to keep you in the loop of this moment’s trends. Her innate sense of style and creative eye make her more than qualified to give you industry insights on the regular.

While Olivia is an LA native, walking the streets of NYC while attending NYU Gallatin has influenced her mixed style. Her NYC experience has also made her quite the expert in the city’s best spots. Specifically, where she lives and hangs out, the East Village.

Fit Report: Two Girls, Two Heights & Two Styles

Welcome to the Petite Studio Fit Report. Where we have two trendy ladies at two different heights style our pieces and show you the many different ways our brand can be suited to your style and size.

Petite Studio’s mantra has always been to create stylish, fashion-forward pieces made with the petite woman in mind. However, when you’re small, every inch can count and fits can look and feel quite different on someone who is 5’0 than someone who is 5’5.

We gave Alyssa Coscarelli (5’1) and Meijun Li (5’5) three pieces from the collection and asked them to style and incorporate them with pieces from their own wardrobe.

The 2017 Petite Studio Trunk Show

The 2017 Petite Studio Trunk Show—Petite Studio NYC

In case you didn’t hear— we had a trunk show! And it was pretty amazing if we do say so ourselves. The view of Manhattan was great, there was rosé flowing, dessert being eaten (courtesy of Rose and Basil), people admiring the flowers (thanks Popup Florist!) and of course ood and awed at our collection.



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