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    Fit Report Round III - Winter Edition

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    Coats and outerwear have long been a struggle for petites. We tend to be swallowed up in the longer arm lengths and hems. Our winter collections was developed through trial and error using many different real petites for fitting. 

    Fit Report Round II

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    Our goal is to make petite women feel recognized—better yet, celebrated!—through fashion and clothing. What better way to celebrate our uniqueness than to show you different girls with different body types wearing the same clothes and all looking 100% fabulous.

    Petite Studio X Tictail

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    Our second major event happened on Saturday and it was a big one. We teamed up with Tictail, a store that helps people discover emerging artists and designers for our second ever pop-up party! We had so much fun the first time around that we decided to go for it again. Especially, with the collaboration of Tictail. Oh, and did we mention we launched our Summer 17 collection?

    Bloggers We're Loving

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    When it comes to the general rules for styling a petite frame, certain staple pieces come to mind: high waisted pants, mini dresses and form fitting silhouettes. It’s all about “Make Your Legs Look Longer” or “Look Taller With These Tips”. Outfits can become quite redundant and frankly, we’d rather embrace our shorter frame rather than always trying to effortlessly appear taller. Let’s be honest, most of us girls are done growing around 14 and we aren’t going to magically grow a few inches.

    It-Girl Olivia Perez on Style and East Village's Best Spots

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    NYC’s it-girl Olivia Perez is taking the streets and lifestyle industry by storm with her website Friend of a Friend, which covers all things fashion, food, travel and everything to keep you in the loop of this moment’s trends. Her innate sense of style and creative eye make her more than qualified to give you industry insights on the regular.

    Fit Report: Two Girls, Two Heights & Two Styles

    Posted on

     Petite Studio’s mantra has always been to create stylish, fashion-forward pieces made with the petite woman in mind. However, when you’re small, every inch can count and fits can look and feel quite different on someone who is 5’0 than someone who is 5’5.We gave Alyssa Coscarelli (5’1) and Meijun Li (5’5) three pieces from the collection and asked them to style and incorporate them with pieces from their own wardrobe.

    The 2017 Petite Studio Trunk Show

    Posted on

    The 2017 Petite Studio Trunk Show—Petite Studio NYC

    In case you didn’t hear— we had a trunk show! And it was pretty amazing if we do say so ourselves. The view of Manhattan was great, there was rosé flowing, dessert being eaten (courtesy of Rose and Basil), people admiring the flowers (thanks Popup Florist!) and of course ood and awed at our collection.

    Festival Style: Austin’s SXSW

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    Every spring, Texas’s little blue dot of a city gears up for the biggest event of the year. Austin’s South By South West (SXSW) festival is a two-week extravaganza comprising of interactive panels of the creative, tech and entertainment industries, this year’s newly added marketplace for local brands and designers, a film festival, and of course, it wouldn’t be an Austin event without live music. It is, after all, the live music capital of the world.

    Kristen Lam's Lower East Side Go-To Spots

    Posted on

    Kristen Lam's Lower East Side Go-To Spots-petite studio

    A New Yorker born and raised, Kristen Lam has built a large social media following—55.5k to be exact—of people who enjoy keeping up with her innate sense of style and big city living. She recently moved to the lower east side and has been able to explore some amazing local eateries and cafes.

    A Comprehensive Guide to Petite Fashion Bloggers

    Posted on

    A Comprehensive Guide to Petite Bloggers-petite studio-Alterations Needed

    Petite girls know all too well the challenges of finding stylish yet properly fitting clothes. We often end up drowning in oversized fits and rolling our pants a few too many times. Fortunately, there are a slew of fashion bloggers—all 5’4 and under—who give us all the outfit inspiration and styling tricks we need to remind us that being short is equally as chic.




    5 Ways to Celebrate Galentine's Day

    Posted on

    5 ways to celebrate galentine's day - petite studio


    For those of you who have never heard of the awesome holiday that is Galentine’s Day, it all started from an episode called (you guessed it) “Galentine’s Day” on the show Parks and Recreation where leading lady Leslie Knope designates February 13th as the day to celebrate with all of your lady friends.


    Meet the Freelance Writer Jasmine Garnsworthy

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    A self-proclaimed health junkie, Jasmine has been a freelance editor and writer at Sporteluxe, Stylecaster, Byrdie, Refinery29,, Popsugar, Mamamia and Racked.  Celebrating her two-year anniversary in New York, the Aussie fashion writer and editor brings her unique voice on fashion, lifestyle, beauty, pop culture and fitness to a city where she finds “everyday is different.”

    Fashion in the Art World

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    The art world has always been a source of inspiration for fashion trends.  At its best, art can challenge the observer to think critically and question their assumptions about life.  For example, Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpiece ‘Starry Night’ challenges the viewer to look closer and appreciate the beauty of the natural world.


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    Play up what you've got, and don't be afraid of volume! My go-to silhouette in the fall and winter are huge chunky sweaters and wide-leg pants. I don't think the point of clothing is to make yourself look smaller or thinner, but make you feel more like you. 


    5 Perfect Looks to Copy This Fall for Petite Girls

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    Perfects looks for petite girls | Model wearing Petite Studio's White Whitney V-neck Dress


    In petite fashion, styling outfits to make us look taller and slimmer is the name of the game.  Sure we are proud of being petite in all of its glorious cuteness, but there’s nothing wrong with having a few tricks up our sleeves to create a little visual magic to make our legs look longer and bodies look slimmer.  Here are five tips specifically for petites to help us look our best.

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