Here’s why Petite Studio’s collections are built with

Fast fashion has its place, but do you really want your whole wardrobe to wear out after one season? We believe it is worth investing in select investment pieces that will last for years.

Control Over Production = Elevated Brand Experience.

Instead of outsourcing our production, we invested in an exclusive agreement with our one and only factory. This means we control every aspect of the production process. Why does this lead to a better product? We’re glad you asked…

Design and Fit Tailored for Petites.

Fast fashion outsourcing leads to inconsistent fits, which is especially frustrating for petites. We design with slimming and elongating principles such as high waist, shorter cropped ankles, synching at the waist and ankle flares. Our fit process happens in-house and includes 2-3 rounds of samples on real petite fit models over several months. The result is a consistent and flattering design and fit throughout our collection.

Our Garment Construction Takes Longer.

Building pieces that lasts takes time and focus on details. Our average garment takes 20 hours to construct vs. 4 hours at typical fast fashion production line. Each detail is meant to extend the life of the garment, including hand-stitched detailing, (binding on the seams for longevity), and select interior lining for protection.

We source luxurious fabric.

There’s no denying it: cheap fabrics wear out. We select fabrics based on feel and durability, not on cost. Our sourcing team travels globally to select fabrics from the best mills, such as Australian wool for warm winter coats and premium tencel for breathable dresses and blouses.

Our ethical approach.

We engage in smaller, smarter production runs, creating small batches of only what we need, with less excess stock. We aim to waste as little material as possible, and repurpose it whenever we can, creating scrunchies, scarves and other accessories from fabric scraps that would otherwise be discarded.