Our Story


Born in 2015 and based in New York City, Petite Studio is the only online womenswear brand for, of and by petite girls.


For the longest time, we couldn't understand why petites never get the attention that other sizes do. Sure petites have options, but it always felt like we were just an afterthought for the big brands. Let's be honest, you can't just slap the word "petites" on your smaller sizes and call it a petite line. We petites are shaped differently and we need the same special attention that everyone else gets. The petite voice is growing, so why aren't the big brands paying attention?


We're doing it differently.  We are not backed by big investment firms looking for a fast return on their money like most big brands.  We built Petite Studio with one goal in mind: to invest time and care into building the first fashion line exclusively for petites.  We are funded through friends and family who are focused on much more than just profit. Simply put: If you are petite, we can finally offer you the special attention you deserve.  We sweat the details that no other brands are willing to.


In a world of fast fashion, transparency is key. Having ethically sourced pieces is important to us and to the integrity of our brand. To ensure that the factories producing our clothes provide humane working conditions, we visit them personally on a consistent basis.


Our inspiration comes from our background in New York City: Everything from street style to the city’s architecture plays an influence in our designs. The New York spirit is at the root of everything we do.


We believe that petite girls can make a BIG difference. We love New York but want it to be even better. With a heart for uplifting others, we partner with nonprofits such as Restore NYC to participate in the improvement of our community. Our designs will change season to season but our ethos will always remain the same.