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Raina Dress - Petite Studio
Raina Dress - Petite Studio
Raina Dress - Petite Studio

Above: Rachel, in her own photographs, wearing the Raina Dress

"I love the Raina Dress because I get that slightly oversized look - without the extra long sleeves and weird football pad shoulders! I also love the versatility, I can wear it as a dress, or open as a long blazer” 

Swimwear designer Rachel Nosco grew up in Southern California, where it’s summer all year round, so it makes perfect sense that she’s a self-proclaimed advocate of swimwear-as-clothing. “You’d be surprised how many people wear my one pieces as bodysuits, and my bikini tops with high waisted jeans,” Rachel says of her line, Midsommar Swim. The line is “decidedly not basic,” says the designer, “My customers want unique pieces, so I design off the shoulder tops and long sleeve pieces, which can also be worn to dinner”.

Rachel studied illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and worked for a handful of fashion companies in New York City, after graduation. But she couldn’t resist the sun and sand of the West Coast for long, so she moved back to launch her line two years ago. Blogging and illustrating also keep Rachel very busy, she says she recently bought herself a tripod, “So I wouldn’t have to rely on anyone else to take my pictures.” And whether it’s drawing or designing, Rachel says she never has to go very far for inspiration, “…because I live just 20 minutes from the beach.” 

PS Short Story - Petite Studio
PS Short Story - Petite Studio
PS Short Story - Petite Studio

Above: Rachel wearing her own swimwear designs, as seen on Instagram


Petite Studio: What’s a SMALL piece of advice that has had a BIG impact on you?

Rachel: Always go with your instinct! It's kind of cliché and obvious, but in most aspects of life I always find this advice helpful.

PS: Is there a personal quality you wish you had a TINY bit more of?

R: A ton! But mainly patience and organization.

PS: What’s the dream piece of clothing that you’ve never been able to find in your SIZE?

R: I have the most trouble finding pants! They are so often too big in the waist, and always SO long.

PS: What’s your PETITE style hack?

R: I have a leather hole puncher and I add holes to all my belts, which are usually way too loose!

PS: Can you do a LITTLE sketch of yourself, in your favorite outfit?

Reese Jacket - Petite Studio

Reese Jacket

Raina Dress - Petite Studio

Raina Dress

Luciana Skirt - Petite Studio

Luciana Skirt