In petite fashion, styling outfits to make us look taller and slimmer is the name of the game.  Sure we are proud of being petite in all of its glorious cuteness, but there’s nothing wrong with having a few tricks up our sleeves to create a little visual magic to make our legs look longer and bodies look slimmer.  Here are five tips specifically for petites to help us look our best.

The shorter, the better

The number one rule for petite girls is always: the shorter, the better!  Show more bare skin to make your legs look longer… and longer and longer.  Above knee dresses and skirts are short girls' best friends.  Avoid those below knee dresses or skirts that cut through our legs visually and make us look like kangaroos!

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A petite girl wearing Petite Studio's White Whitney V-neck Dress | Petite clothing for short women

Wear bright colors

Bright colors such as pink, yellow and red draw peoples’ attention and make your height less noticeable.  Wearing colors that pop will also exude vibrance and energy.  Your outfit is one of the first things people notice, and who can judge a pink bomber gal right? 

Model wearing Petite Studio's Pink Bleecker Bomber Jacket to pair with the Whitney V-neck Dress


Go for high-waisted bottoms

 We all want longer legs and high-waisted bottoms can make our legs look longer than they actually are.   They create a visual effect that stretches your legs and makes you look taller.  Be sure to tuck in that blouse or shirt to keep the high waist visible.  Whether you go for jeans, skirts or shorts, the high waist can be one of petite girls’ best kept secrets.

Model wearing Petite Studio's Champagne Madison Pocket Blouse paired with White Chelsea Wide Leg Pants

Say yes to slim pants  

This might be the oldest trick in the book, but it is still one of the best.  Petites should always go for slim or tight pants and avoid any loose fitting or baggy pants.  Slim pants really do elongate the legs and help us look tall and lean by fitting to the natural contours of our body.  They are also super versatile – pair slim pants with a range of loose-fitting or form fitting blouses and tops.


Model wearing Petite Studio's Hudson Low Cut Blouse and Highline Above Ankle Pants


Long + short layer

One of our favorite styling ideas that works great for petites is pairing different lengths of pieces in a single outfit.  Pairing short shorts with a long trench creates a nice contrast that highlights a long and slim body with a super cute and flowing overcoat.  The contrast between short shorts or a skirt with long outerwear creates an elegant and effortless look.


Model wearing Petite Studio's Perry Cherry Trench Coat and the Hudson Low Cut Blouse


Model: Larissa Biondo

Photography: Siyu Tang

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