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“Hey Jasmine, we got a coffee for you!”

“Oh that’s so nice, but I try to steer clear of coffee,” Jasmine Garnsworthy smiled as she changed into Petite Studio’s Winter 2016 collection during an outdoor photo shoot last Saturday morning.

“I usually go with tea,” she added “and I had a smoothie on my way here.”

A self-proclaimed health junkie, Jasmine has been a freelance editor and writer at Sporteluxe, Stylecaster, Byrdie, Refinery29,, Popsugar, Mamamia and Racked.  Celebrating her two-year anniversary in New York, the Aussie fashion writer and editor brings her unique voice on fashion, lifestyle, beauty, pop culture and fitness to a city where she finds “everyday is different.”

We sat down with Jasmine and about her background and career.


1. How did you start your career as a freelance editor and writer in so many publications? 

While studying at university I also started interning and eventually working in PR—and while it wasn't the right gig for me, the experience did teach me to write. After school I moved into fashion copywriting for an online store in Sydney, Australia, and then landed a gig as an editor at Mamamia, one of Australia's largest women's websites. I then spent two years working as the fashion editor at POPSUGAR Australia before moving to New York with STYLECASTER. I've wanted to freelance forever, and in August this year I finally took the leap. No regrets!


2. Who did you always aspire to be growing up?

I don't think there was a particular person I aspired to be exactly. I do love following female entrepreneurs like Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss (Rent the Runway), Leah Busque (TaskRabbit), and Amber Venz Box (RewardStyle), and draw a lot of motivation and ideas from career-focused podcasts like Glossy, Girl Boss, and Project Entrepreneur.



3. Of all the topics you have written, about fashion, lifestyle, pop culture, celebrity, and fitness. Which category represents you the best?

I love writing about natural beauty and fitness, but it's fun to mix in different topics depending on what everyone's talking about at any given moment.

4. How did you find the opportunity to spend time at the refugee camp?

The best part of freelancing is that you can work from anywhere! As soon as I left my editor role at STYLECASTER I packed my laptop, and took some time to travel through Europe, which included a few weeks volunteering at camps throughout the Epirus region in Greece. 



5. How do you describe your voice in your writing? How do you find a balance between your own voice and the voice of the publication? 

My tone is conversational but also versatile—I write for multiple publications, so it's important to be able to tweak your voice a little bit to suit each site. I'm still learning, but have developed my writing through practice, reading everything and anything, and working with great editors who give honest feedback.

6. How do you describe your own personal fashion style?

Feminine, trend-led, and modern.



7. What are some wellness and fitness advice you give to everyone?

Use apple cider vinegar for everything! I drink it, use a diluted ACV solution as a toner (it helps fight acne), and even rinse my hair with it every few weeks to help with brassiness. Also, I believe weight training and reformer Pilates are the fastest ways to transform your body.

8. What is your advice for the youngest generation who want to join the journalism industry?

Intern everywhere! I am so thankful for the women who mentored me early in my career while I was an intern—I definitely think you stand to gain more from a work experience gig than the company taking you onboard. Also, use your social media platforms as an opportunity to showcase your own personal brand, your eye, and your tone—you can bet that a potential employer will be punching your name into Google when deciding whether or not to send over an offer letter. 

We continued chatting with Jasmine and found that she is always willing to uplift industry newcomers who have a desire to learn and grow.  She humbly admits that she is also still learning and loves to give others a hand.  We see a bright future career for her, especially in launching her own start up next year called REPEATEDLY.  Stay tuned for more great work!


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