Repost from Simple Petite
Article by Daniela

When it comes to slow fashion, one thing I’ve understood is that we absolutely need to learn how to do more with less.

The benefits of doing more with less are numerous, not only for the planet and for the people involved in producing our garments, but also for our wallets.

So, how do you do more with less, you may ask? There are plenty of ways – from creating a capsule wardrobe to upcycling a piece of clothing that you no longer like, but if you are like me and are still struggling with these things, you can start doing more with less with a simple step like I just did:

Before I bought the cute Houston Cotton summer top from Petite Studio NYC, an ethical brand made for petites (for more information about petite sizes offered by this brand, please click here), I thought, okay Daniela, how many different outfits will you be able to create with this top when combining it with the clothes you already have in your wardrobe? I realized I could create at least 5 different outfits, so I was convinced that it was a go go.

When the top arrived, I ran to my wardrobe and I started playing with all the possible and impossible combinations. I posted the first outfit on instagram and in order to challenge myself to create even more looks, I started a new “series” called “10+ ways of styling the same summer top” so I could share each different outfit I could come up with, using the same top.

This “series” eventually became a new #tag (#10styles1top / 1 bottom) and led me to meet so many wonderful people on instagram as well as to be featured on Petite Studio NYC, but I will save that story for another time. I am trying to keep my first post as small as I am, ahm, can. 

Okay, I will stop talking now, so you can take a look at all the, not 10, but 13 different outfits I put together with just 1 summer top.

Houston Cotton top, by Petite Studio NYC, an ethical and sustainable business that creates garments to fit petites. Click on image to shop with more than 50% off (until 24th August 2020).

1. Brunch with the girlfriends

2. Casual summer date

3. Feeling like a boss

4. Casual in high waisted denim

5. After work cocktails

6. Chic brunch / lunch with the inlaws

7. Day at the farmer's market

8. Shopping day

9. Going for an ice-cream

10. Cozy at home

11. Another office look

12. Dinner date

13. Music concert

And that was all. I truly hope you enjoyed the looks I have created with this top!