In this chaotic time, it can be easy to forget about simple steps to self-care. Here’s a quick self-care checklist to help you take care of yourself better while staying at home.


 1 | in the need for vitamin D

Lacking some sunshine from staying at home? Find a sunny spot in your home and lay out a towel, pillows, and/or bean bag to soak up some sun. Have a backyard or balcony? Drag a chair outside and bring your favorite book and a cup of homemade coffee to keep you company.

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2 | Parisian breakfast

Speaking of coffee, start your morning off with a little caffeinated experimentation. Search up a fun coffee recipe like a snickerdoodle latte and pair your homemade drink with a scone or fruit.


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3 | indulge in skincare

Take the time to destress and break out of the humdrum quarantine life by indulging in some skincare. Now is the time to finally adventure into that ten-step skincare routine you’ve always heard about or keep it simple with a face mask. A favorite of ours is the Skinfood Black Sugar Strawberry Mask Scrub – gently exfoliating with a summery scent of fresh strawberries.

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4 | fitness breaks

It can be difficult to avoid overworking from home because you lose track of time or don’t move much from your desk all day. Time out breaks every two hours of work to do some quick exercise routines for 10-15 minutes. Check out Blogilates by Cassey Ho for at home work out challenges and routines. 

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5 | do a mini glam at home photoshoot

Video call your favorite girls and glam up together as if you were having a girls’ night out. Have a fun theme like 'Hollywood film noir' or 'social distancing spring florals' to coordinate outfits so you can screenshot your before-and-after looks as a group. End the group call with a Netflix Party movie night.

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